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Recognised Majority Association of Executives in BSNL

  1. Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association is not just an Association, it is a movement which transformed from TESA (Telephone Engineering Supervisors’ Association) in 1946 to SNEA  as on today.
  2. This outfit has its set goals with the major objectives focused on striving for the welfare of Executives in BSNL, without shifting its concentrated concern on the survival of BSNL.
  3. The history of SNEA is synonymous with the history of the Junior Telecom Officer (JTO) cadre, from ESP to JE and then to JTO, Group C to Group B gazetted and finally the Executive in BSNL.
  4. Along with the change of designation of the cadre, pay scales and status, the name of the Association is also changed from TESA to JETA(I) to JTOA(I) to TEOA(I) and finally to SNEA.
  5. Today SNEA having more than 24000 membership representing all the executive cadres in BSNL and recognised majority executives’ association of BSNL.
  6. We are committed for the betterment of BSNL and in turn its executives. We know our commitment requires hard work – hard work that includes struggles, sweat and even blood.  And that is what our predecessors have taught us not by precepts but by practice – yes, practice unparalleled, never found in any other books but in book written only by them in their own inimitable style.  SNEA(I) remembers its history and is always on the path to create the new one. BE A PART OF SNEA.
This site is official webpage of SNEA Karnataka circle having ~1900 members. At Karnataka we are dealing with all the circle level issues of executives and also matters affecting the growth of BSNL Karnataka.