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What we have told is what we have established.

Congratulations; Request transfer orders in the cadre of JTOs is issued today with the constant persuasion of SNEA/SNATTA to end all disturbances and minimize future transfers more importantly to ensure these youngsters to put their best as JTOs in their works. We thank SDE, AGM, DGM for their untiring works. We are thankful to CGMT Shri R Mani Sir and GM Shri Agarwalji for the on time decision in the matter. For orders click here…


Agenda Meeting with CGM Karnataka Scheduled on 23rd Oct 2017.


Meeting with CGMT Karnataka Respected Shri R Mani:

CS along with Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO, Com Harish ADS,ACE,SNEA met CGM yesterday. As such the issue mainly to be discussed was pertaining to the violation of rules by CE civil, the presence of CE Civil Shri Rajkumar and GM Admn Shri Ashok Agarwal was also ensured in the meeting by the administration.

(1) The act of manipulations in issuing LA arrangement to the post of EE (C); by procuring coerced unwillingness letters for LA from 3 senior SDEs to issue LA to a specific SDE to shield him from the liability of longest transfer and at the same time processed to issue longest transfer to his junior was explained to CGMT in the presence of CE Civil. CE Civil rebutted that unwillingness’s are not coerced one. CS SNEA informed him clearly that the LA to be issued to the senior most and if he declines it can then be issued to his immediate junior. The motive of departing from the laid down rules is ultra vires of the powers vested in CE and manifests their ulterior intentions as explained on our email to CGM. CS when met CE civil last week, CE in our discussion was pushing the onus on CGMT as the order is issued with his concurrence. But CGM respected Shri Mani, today categorically clarified that he has very clearly written with regard to our email that seniority should not be bye-passed. When he looked for confirmation towards GM Admin, Shri Agarwal who clarified that the file was processed during his absence when he was on leave and he is not a party to the orders. SNEA vehemently informed the management that we will not allow any transfer shielding the senior longest stay SDE in the guise of LA Executive Engineer. The entire discussion unmasked the conspiracy of Shri Anil Vaish the then CE Incharge and how the coterie  used situation namely the reporting of the new CE Shri Rajkumar and also the absence of GM Admn Shri Agarwal to get the file cleared by CGMT with the help of DGM Staff Shri M V Angadi. We are surprised to know how DGM Staff Shri Angadi also allowed the false procedure despite several times CS has brought to his notice on the game plan of Shri Anil Vaish and his team- when DGM was telling us that he is unaware of any such proposal and also would not allow it but on the contrary become a party to such illegal order. SNEA very strongly condemns these acts of manipulations and at the same time acknowledge the action of CGMT Karnataka to call all the concerned and resolving the issue. CGM informed that the rules have to be scrupulously followed and no transfer will be done in the cadre of SDE the way it is being proposed and to follow the procedure of transfer in the substantive grade only. CE Shri Rajkumar informed  in the meeting that no long stay transfer will be done in the cadre of SDE now as proposed, the proposal will be dropped and action will be initiated only at the end of current fiscal. As the officer taken over the Charge of EE on the present LA order CS also accepted the stand of administration, and will not insist for its withdrawal till the SDE longstay transfer is taken up or next LA orders whichever is earlier.

(2) CS brought to the notice of CGMT, that the request transfer of SDEs having less than 2 years is not being issued and creating discrimination. GM tried to inform that only in March it can be considered. We have very strongly opposed the same and re-iterated that all old cases are to be disposed of immediately as per transfer policy. We have further made our intentions very clear once again and how it helps the management if transfers are only ordered in April but not in March resulting in totally avoiding the less than two year cases permanently. We want all old cases to be cleared by transfer orders immediately.

(3) Non holding of formal meetings by PGM Mysore with SNEA: CGM instructed GM admn to issue instructions to PGM Mysore and also informed to fix the formal meeting on agenda of SNEA with CGMT on 23-10-2017.

CS thanked CGM and CE civil for settling the issues.


Meeting with CE Civil Shri Rajkumar:

CS along with DS ACE Com Ravishankar, DP ACE Com padmanabhachar, ADS ACE Com Harish, Com Aithal CVP, Com Huliraj DP BGTD have met CE Civil Shri Rajkumar and welcomed him. We have requested for the formal meeting at the earliest for which CE agreed immediately. CE made it clear that he would like to work transparently and would like to bring changes in the companies interest taking into confidence of the recognised executive association on all related matters.


Higher Pension under Para 11(3) of EPS, 1995 (Present Status):

The information sought on this issue under RTI is complied by BSNL. From the information received, it is revealed that only one letter has so far been written to RPFC Bangalore on 24th May 2017. Though it is claimed that BSNL consulted RPFO on 12-07-2017, no supporting documents manifested for this. The circle administration has written one more letter only on our taking up the case on 12-09-2017 through RTI as well as letter dated 12-09-2017. With this we can assess the seriousness with which the concerned authority is working on such important issue of BSNL Recruits whose pension issue is at stake. Therefore we are of the firm belief that unless we organisationally fight the issue, we may not get the solution. The very basic issue of pension emanating from the order of the Hon Supreme Court of India is being treated so casually by the administration. This association cannot allow and tolerate the sluggishness of this kind. Wecall upon all the DS to keep informed this complecent attitude of the officers of BSNL at the helm of affairs to our members and get ready for the struggle we are going to launch in the immediate future. <<For Reply to the RTI click here>>. <<For RTI application click here.>> << For our letter in this connection click here.>>


CS Com S B Nagavi along with DS BGTD Com Jayaprakash Javali, Com Balakrishna Aithal CVP, Com Tata Babu CEC member BGTD today met Smt Geetanjali Sr GM Finance and protested on the untimely transfer of AOs in the middle of acadamic year. The accounts administration has unilaterally decided these transfers which is strongly opposed by us. When a transparent policy is being adopted in Karnataka Circle in all cadres, the accounts wing of circle office is indifferent in its attitude on such matters. We have also submitted a letter to CGMT in this regard. For letter click here...


Massive Lunch Hour Demonstration all over Karnataka:

The employees and Executives of all unions and associations have came out of office and held lunch hour demonstration yesterday to protest against the Cabinet decision to form a Tower Subsidiary Company and fragmenting BSNL. In CGMT Office, the meeting was addressed by CS Com S B Nagavi and other leaders.

For the full glimpses click  here….



Com Anthonyswamy Ex DS Hubli passed away yesterday at Bangalore who was suffering from multi-organ failures. SNEA deeply mourns the demise of our veteran leader who was a great social worker and a prominent trade union leader from North Karnataka. Till he retired he was our DS SNEA. He was active in co-operative moment and served in various capacities for the society and particularly to BSNL executives. We pray almighty to give strength to his family, near and dears on the sad demise and pray Com Swamy’s soul rest in peace.


GS CHQ writes to Secretary, DoT regarding Lunch Hour demonstration on 15.09.2017: Ill conceived and ill timed decision of Government to off load most powerful and potential assets of BSNL-66,000 mobile towers-gravely threatens to decelerate an otherwise accelerating growth of BSNL, besides endangering its very existence. Employees of BSNL determined and ready to pay any price to safeguard existing integrated and time tested composition of BSNL. Sinister decision of the Government is nothing but a well calibrated move towards disinvestment of strategic telecom institution of the Country. Massive and prolonged trade union actions are on the anvil to force the Govt. to reverse this retrograde decision.

All Unions and Assns will give separate notice for lunch hour demonstration due to shortage of time. 

GS letter to Secretary, DoT on Luch Hour demonstration against Tower Subsidiary formation
Accordingly Karnataka SNEA will participate in today's Lunch Hour Demonstration to protect our bread earning Tower Assets to Save BSNL


Meeting with DOT Secretary Smt Aruna Sundarrajan, today at Bangalore:

Circle Secretaries of Unions and Associations today met Smt Aruna Sundarrajan, Secretary DOT and Chairman Telecom Commission during her visit to Bangalore at Hetel Park Plaza and submitted memorandum on issues of 3rd PRC and Dropping of Tower Subsidiary. Com C K Gundanna CS BSNLEU, Com H V Sudarshan AGS BSNLEU, Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA, Com K Y Prashanth CS SNATTA, Sundararaju CS AIGETOA, Com B S Shivalingappa SAWA BSNL, Com B D Mahadev CS BASE(I), Com Mahalingaiah CS FNTO and Com Nagaraj DS AIBSNLEA BGTD have attended the meeting. During the discussion Com Gundanna explained the need of 3rd PRC implementation and the adverse effect on BSNL due to formation of a Tower Subsidiary Company. Madam Aruna Sundararajan appreciated the employees and executives of BSNL for the works being done and taking the company forward by reducing losses, but still lot of scope is there to improve its performance. She compared the performance of Kerala circle, when Kerala can perform why cannot be other circles. She had informed that Hon Minister of Communications and IT is also very positive on the issue of 3rd PRC and she will definitely work positively on the issue and at the same expects BSNL to perform better than the present in the days to come. When CS Com S B Nagavi, representing the executives’ association requested for the Standard Pay Scale E2 and E3 issue, madam informed that she is fully aware of the issue and will look into the matter. We are thankful to DOT Secretary that despite her hectic schedule she had a patient hearing on our issues. For  glimpses of meeting click here… For memorandum click here..


The members of SNEA have done it again:

Com Sunil V M Desai, (view more details) SDE(NIB/Computer), Belgaum and Com Shailendra Singh, (view more details) Accounts Officer Circle Office Bangalore have been declared to be conferred with Sanchar Seva Padak. SNEA is proud to state that they are the active members of SNEA. We congratulate these officers for their outstanding performance.

Com Desai, known for his silent but hard work is discharging duties of many SDEs in Belgaum District. 

The whole circle office has noticed the fighting spirit of Com Shailendra when injustice, discrimination is forced on genuine issues. He is instrumental in the medical rules modification by BSNLCO when arbitrary ceiling was imposed by circle office.

We congratulate and wish the officers a great success in future also.


Higher Pension under Para 11(3) of EPS, 1995:

It is unfortunate that, a pension related issue of BSNL Recruits; a social security measure extended by the Hon Supreme Court of India in SLP No.33032-33033/2015 is taken so lightly and kept under cold storage by Finance wing of Karnataka Circle. The disregard shown to the intent of Hon SC order is nothing but to deny retirement security to the BSNL Recruits. CS SNEA writes to administration, CGMT Shri R Mani and Sr GM Finance Smt Geetanjali for immediate action to call for options. For letter Click here...

Comrades, let us gear up for organization action if Circle Administration continues its complacent approach on the issue still further.


Meeting With GM Finance:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Ravishankar DS ACE, Com Padmanabhachar DP ACE, Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO met Smt Geetanjali Madam, GM Finance and discussed on the difficulties faced by the SDEs and JTOs in the field in entire circle due to the non-payment of temporary advance which in turn forcing our officers to pay the expenses from their personal salary money in the interest of the company as such any emergent work cannot be postponed. Madam informed us that by next week all the approved advances will all be cleared as she had already received some funds after continuous interaction with the BSNL CO. Madam also explained us and given the statistics that this year the revenue collection is far below than the expenditure and it is very much alarming to us. Revenue is low as compared to last year also.

We have explained that the traffic of voice and data is drastically increased but due to steep reduction in the tariff; to match with market rates, has been the effect of revenue fall. We have thanked madam for her efforts in getting the funds with her extra effort.

Meeting With GM Admn:

The team also met GM Admn Shri Ashok Aggarwal and strongly protested on the incharge CE Civil who has been evading the meetings to SNEA and at the same time involved in many biased activities on the members with regard to the transfer and postings and his total disregard to the recognized executive association is condemned. GM informed us that as instructed by CGM; as per our email addressed to CGM, instructions have been issued to him.


Minutes of meeting;

Minutes of the meeting released by CGMT Office and published in Circle Intranet. The meeting was held only to discuss agenda HR Agenda Points relating to Rule 8 and Posting of LICE JTOs/Trainees ( Point 37 and 38 ). Another meeting will be scheduled shortly. For official minutes copy click here. We are thankful to Shri R Mani, CGMT, Shri Ashok Agarwal GM Admn, Shri M V Angadi DGM and Shri Swaminathan AGM for the resolution of these urgent issues.


Glimpses of Formal Meeting held with CGMT Karnataka on 4th Sept 2017.

Report will be uploaded shortly.


Meeting with Shri Munindranath, CGM BBNW Newdelhi at Bangalore:

The frequent failure of the BB and FTTH services has created a very bad image of the company in the entire country. Knowing CGMT BBNW was on tour to Bangalore for South Zone Meeting, CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Palanivelu AGM, VP BGTD rushed to NOC Bangalore and sought urgent meeting.

CS strongly protested the failure on the part of BBNW management in giving uninterrupted services, now since last month BSNL BB has been the victim of cyber war; utter failure on the part of BSNL to have required FIREWALLS and protections in place. We have demanded to immediately hand over the issue to cyber police, conduct cyber audits to find out the culprits.

CGM informed that the ONT/OLTs of ALPHOIN make are affecting the network elements and hence the said units are taken out of the network temporarily till the issue is resolved by ALPHOIN.

CS explained CGM that in recent times, the image of the company is being spoiled by these frequent failures giving room for the subscribers who on the face our field JTO/SDEs openly alleged that BSNL officers are hand in glove with Reliance JIO and hence deteriorating BSNL service to help increase the market share of Reliance JIO. We have sought CGM the answer what we should give to these subscribers.

Our field officer in the recent cyber attack, day and night re-programmed the modems to face and resolve the malware attack. CGM informed us that he is also fully aware of the repercussions of the frequent failures.

We have also informed him of the shortage of the equipments relating to BB and FTTH services especially the DSLMs and MLLN equipments, urgent need to upgrade the backhaul bandwidth.                                                        

Later in the afternoon, CGMT Karnataka Shri R Mani Sir, also visited NOC and held discussion with CGM BBNW. CGMT Karnataka informed us that they have to block WAN port and reboot all ONTs of ‘ALPHOIN make’ and it will take 6 to 10 hours.

We hope things will get normalized immediately. Otherwise, we will be holding protest meeting at the gate of NOC on Monday at 1330 hours in the interest of saving this company from the disastrous attack and the miserable failure of the concerned in the matter. << View Glimpses>>

Formal Meeting:

As per the information from GCMT secreriate and DGM Staff, the formal meeting with CGMT Karnataka Circle is scheduled on 4th Sept 2017 at 1100 hours to discuss the Agenda submitted by SNEA. For agenda copy click ehre..


Formal Meeting:

Today CS along with DS CO Com Makkannavar, DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar and other comrades of Kolar have met DGM Shri M V Angadi and protested on the delay in scheduling the formal meeting to discuss various issues including Rule 8 cases. Then in the afternoon GM Admn Shri Ashok Agarwal informed CS that next week meeting will be arranged as such CGMT is very busy this week particularly on meeting the targets of circle, revenue realization etc. CGM is appealing through SMS on the importance of RV 80 promotions by staff of BSNL. Further the team also met DGM Finance and apprised him of the difficulties facing for not clearing the wages of HKS, Elec Bills and Temp Advances. DGM updated his efforts in resolving the crisis.


Karnataka SNEA observed Lunch Hour Demonstration against the high handed action of BSNL management on the CHQ,  GS SNEA for raising the legitimate issues of the executives and employees’. SNEA Karnataka condemns the unwarranted action. Massive response of members of SNEA Karnataka from all over the circle.

On 28th August 2017, LHD was held at CGMT Office and memorandum was submitted to CGMT Karnataka. << View Glimpses>>

On 29th August 2017, LHD was held at SSAs and memorandum was submitted to GM/DGMs of SSAs. << View Glimpses>>

Bidar, Raichur, Gulbarga, Hubli, Mangalore, Madikeri, Tumkur, Hassan, Kolar, Belgaum, Chickmaglur, Mysore and other SSAs have conducted the LHD and submitted the memorandum.


NGN Core Main Site to go to Chandigarh:

Sudden decision of BSNL Management to Shift NGN Core Main Site from Bangalore to Chandigarh, at the last moment even after every aspect being finalized to install it at Bangalore. A strong doubt on the intent of the BSNL management. CS SNEA writes to CGMT Karnataka for for his intervention. SNEA Karnataka plans for massive protest in this regard. Comrades please gear up. For letter click here…


Avoiding long stay transfers by some SDEs:

CS and GS SNEA write on violation of transfer policy by favoring some individuals. For GS letter click here.. For CS letter click here


CS Com S B Nagavi and CEC member Com Tata Babu met PGM Shri Janardhana Rao yesterday and discussed on the procurment of the Cable Route Tracer RIDGID, this is in continuation to our letter written to CGMT. In the discussion PGM informed that the one proposed by us is costly and moreover it having no TEC approval. That already having TEC approval is cheaper but it shows only route but not the depth.

Com Tata Babu explained that, in the field where RIDGID was used we found, its accuracy both in tracing the route and depth is very precise. As explained in the letter it will save lot of money spent on labour in tracing and moreover it saves time. With the available tools we are most of the times struck for days together, ending up in delay and objections by local municipal authorities etc.,.

PGM in the mean time called DGM MM and asked them to reprocess the file to explore further possibility of procurement by calling tender with the new specification including the depth tracing also.

From our side we request you to kindly inform anyone using any such Route tracer being used as claimed by PGM Shri Janardhan Rao.


Formal Meeting between SNEA Hubli and GM Hubli



Com S P Jagadale, DS Hubli with his team was able to ensure  formal meeting on 19th Aug 2017 with GM Hubli on the agenda points of SNEA Hubli. The meeting lasted for 3 hours. DS thanked the administration and GM Hubli Shri Vivek Jaiswalji for the detailed discussion and interest shown in our genuine issues. For the agenda points click here. The minutes are awaited. Similar meeting was also conducted at Davangere under the leadership of DS Com G Nagaraj, AGM Mktg Dvg.

Circle SNEA expects that all other SSAs should insist for such meetings and bring forward our issues on the official minutes to be issued by the administration.


CGMT Karnataka Published SNEA Agenda for formal meeting in circle intranet and seeks for the immediate comments and breif on the agenda points from concerned PGM/GMs. For circle office letter click here…

CS SNEA writes to CGMT on requirement of RIDGID route and depth locator. For email copy click here…

CS SNEA writes to CGMT demanding immediate meeting for the processing of the rule 8 transfers in the background of the recent discussions held with CGMT. For letter click here…

Com G C Kamat DS SNEA Belgaum seeks formal meeting with GM Belgaum. For agenda points click here…


Meeting with CGM Karnataka Shri R Mani Sir:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with DS CO Com Makkannavar yesterday met CGMT Karnataka Shri R Mani, and discussed various issues.

(1) In a surprising move one SDE who was on long stay transfer was relieved to QA though many lady SDEs with very serious medical and personal problems have honoured and obeyed the orders of administration and accepted long stay transfer; but this case of modification has created serious heart burn on these propmpt officers. We have very strongly protested the case. CGMT assured us to verify the case in detail and also would take suitable action including writing to BSNL CO not to entertain such cases.

(2) WIFI Hot-spot commissioning by L&T and the very poor technical response of the vendor and poor response of NOC in attending to the faults. CGMT informed that he is also aware and will take appropriate action.

(3) Holding of immediate formal meeting: CGMT assured to instruct the concerned to schedule the meeting.

(4) To start the process of Rule 8 transfers in case of pending R 8 WL: CGMT informed us of the huge task before us in the coming months of the current financial year and the acute shortage of technical staff Karnataka the Circle is facing. All GMs of SSA are informing him that it will be difficult for them to achieve the targets in the situation of the present shortage. CGM further informed that 300 JEs cadre have fallen vacant due to LICE promotion and presently 205 are on JTO training. These practicalities have created serious vacuum in all SSAs. The expert and experienced JTOs recently relieved on Rule 8 has a serious impact on the SSA performance. CS SNEA totally disagreed with the observations of CGMT. We have made our position very clear to CGMT that all those JTOs relieved on Rule 8 were hard workers and the motivation was that they would get transfer to their States, have been working for BSNL Karnataka  for decades. On the pretext of shortage, if Rule 8 is denied, it will  seriously de-motivate the JTOs who are in the WL.  We have made it clear that all Rule 8 orders are not done at one stroke. When around 190 TTAs were regularized only 61 cases were considered in 2016, in 93 (82+11) LICE candidates promoted only 71 cases are considered and now more than 205 LICE candidates in the pipeline to get promotion shortly. It is only in Karnataka that this huge WL is still (more than 200) pending and this association has been pursuing these cases on humanitarian grounds, social justice that too only when they complete their 5 years service in Karnataka and also when the addition of strength to the JTO cadre is increased. In the rigidity of management we were compelled to organizational routes also. Finally CGM agreed to begin the process of Rule 8 and also will hold detailed discussion with us on this issue.

Later we met GM Admn Shri Ashok Agarwal and DGM Admn M V Angadi and requested them to hold discussion on all important HR issues immediately to take timely decision in this regard.


Let us understand that, our CGMT Shri Mani Sir, from the day one is on serious engagement to bring Karnataka Circle on the lines of Kerala pattern in earning revenue. For his pressure; one and the main reason posed by SSA heads is this shortage due to Rule 8 transfers. We have therefore informed CGMT to attend to the points raised in our agenda points wherein we will definitely reach to the ground level of resolving the issues. However from our part let us all be engaged in our works very seriously to fulfill our endeavor of generating more revenue in the coming days and at the same time bring all practical issues to the notice of CGMT so that he will be correctly knowing factual impediments. Keep your issues in our whats app pages to bring it to the notice of CGMT.

At the same time, we are keeping our demand on the issues particularly Rule 8 transfer firmly with the management and if necessary we may be compelled to repeat our struggles in the coming days. But most importantly right now we have to seriously focus on the ongoing programmes  very seriously to materialize the target fixed on us.



Comrade Venkata Vara Prasad, JTO, Telangana (Earlier JTO Raichur) donated Rs.5000-00 to SNEA Karnataka. We are thankful for the donation.


CS Submits AGENDA for formal meeting with CGMT Karnataka:

Shortage of young Staff/skilled and unskilled workers: The present executives’ strength (around 3000 in Karnataka); projecting as shortage is an incorrect approach. We are facing dearth of ground level work force in the field like attending break downs, line faults and interruptions, digging trench and jointing works, route monitoring, attending BB and FTTH faults, attending OF breakdowns etc., Hence we have to adopt policy of system efficiency based outsourcing (managed service model) of  these vital jobs that are severely affecting the QOS of BSNL leading to customer dis-satisfaction or engage both skilled and unskilled work force on contract basis as being adopted by other PSUs. Out of compulsion today the JTOs/SDEs being executives are forced to be on the roads and customer premises or engage with series of attending to customers but with unsuccessful result in the absence required work force/materials leaviing aside their supervisory, monitoring works.. Providing proper level playing platform for the existing 3000 executives in Karnataka is the much required necessity for top management to bring expected results and targets.

For full 53 point agenda click here..



Our attention towards membership drive:

Our sincere thanks to all activists of SNEA, District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers and especially all new members who have joined SNEA in Karnataka coming out openly defying the coercion and threats of some officers, holding strategic positions in circle, making the following remarkable increase in membership.

Among the 2918 executives 2485 have taken membership in Karnataka Circle. In this 2485 SNEA members are 1459 amounting to 59% of registered membership (Crossing 50% of total executives) and leaving behind the other associations to 36%, 4% and 0.8% (30%, 3.9% and 0.68% of total executives). The prominent point to note is that more than 65 accounts executives ranging from DGM Finance to JAOs are our members today. [Note: These figures are only for Karnataka Telecom Circle but do not include STR, STP, QA, NOC etc.,]

Still more than 400 executives are not the members of any Association and our endeavor should be to educate on our agendas,  both cadre issues and common issues; the importance of executives to be in the mainstream of BSNL Executives and to bring these executives in our folder so as to ensure one association in the executive cadre.

We hope for the active cadre of SNEA it is going to be possible in the coming days.


CHQ UPDATE (02-08-2017):

In a historic decision, today, complete AIBSNLEA/Delhi Circle having more than 200 members merged with SNEA, Delhi Circle writing a new chapter of Unity among the Executives.

New Adhoc Committee of SNEA, Delhi Circle formed with Com S K Agarwal as Circle President, Com Satish Kumar as Circle Secretary and Com Sandeep Mathur as Circle Treasurer.

CHQ wholeheartedly welcome all of them into SNEA and wish them all the success. This merger took place in the presence of GS, President, Chairman, AGS and Jt sec.

Circle office bearers of both the Assns and Com Pawan Sharma were instrumental in forging the Unity. Mob No of new CS/Delhi Circle: 09868583030



Agenda for formal meeting is being submitted to CGMT Karnataka: The issues to be taken up with management may be emailed to nagavisb@gmail.com before 3rd Aug 2017 to incorporate in the agenda. The issues must relate to circle administration. Already all District Secretaries have been requested by sms/whatapp to send their points. This may be treated as most important.


General Body Meeting of SNEA Karwar at Sirsi:

The GB meeting was held at TRC Sirsi on 29th July 2017 under the Presidentship of Com Vaman Kamath DP SNEA with the invocation by Com P S Bhat.  DS Com Deshpande presented the DS report and DT Com P S Bhat updated the finance details and increase in membership being crossed to more than 43 in Karwar SSA.

DS in his report updated the efforts present body has put forth and the visible results and also categorically demonstrated the unethical practices being adopted by few officers of the administration and the need for the collective action to combat the evils of such activities.

CS Comrade Nagavi welcomed Comrades  Gounkar, Joshi, Gunagi, Gurudatt Bant and Nivedita who have joined SNEA and acknowledged the efforts of Com Deshpande for his organizational success as DS. While appreciating the efforts of executives of Karwar in keeping the district in its best performance especially the role of SNEA members who are almost working in the field units has categorically condemned the complacent attitude of administration towards our members and given call for a collective fight to end this biased attitude. CS further detailed the issues related to pay commission, Standard Pay Scales, Promotions and also the circle level problems relating to Rule 8 transfers and postings of LICE JTOs.

Comrade S P Jagadale, DS Hubli who has attended as the special invitee to the GB, appreciated the great fight of Karwar comrades in fighting the management, extended his support in all their future fights also. He gave a detailed account of sustained fight SNEA continued for the last 5-6 years and how it is resulted in consolidating the strength of SNEA in Hubli.

Comrade Kamath District President give his presidential address and remembered the days of SNEA and called upon the members that to carry on the same enthusiasm in coming days.

As such DS and ADS have been transferred, the following election of office bearers was conducted. Com P S Bhat, Com Gunagi and Com Gaounkar have been elected as the District Secretary, Asst District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively.

For glimpses of the GB click here…


Strike of 27th July 2017:

Congratulations to all; who have become a part of our historical struggle by total participation yesterday in our beginning of the sustained struggle to get our legitimate 3rd PRC. Your participation has strengthened our future actions. Thanks to one and all who participated.

We appriciate the bold decisions of the members of sister organizations for their actual participating in the strike yesterday, showing real solidarity to the right cause. Our revolutionary salute to them,

To view Hubli preparatory meeting click here…



Participation in the 27th Strike:

SNEA Karnataka Decides to ensure 100% participation of its members in 27th One Day Strike as per CHQ and JF Call. Our hard work and tireless efforts have been undermined by 3rd PRC and Cabinet decision. Utter failure of DOT in recognizing the requests and recommendations of CMD BSNL who has all these years encouraged and assured BSNL employees and executives at various meetings and most importantly instrumental in bringing BSNL into operational profits and fast moving towards bringing back its glory; thereby DOT has shown its bias to BSNL. It is time for each and every BSNL executive and non executive to record his protest by remaining absent on 27th July 2017 in protest against the failure of both DOT and Govt in extending the 3rd PRC benefits for those who are grass root workers on the contrary extending 7th CPC to ITS officers in the same BSNL. SNTTA Karnataka circle has declared to participate in the Strike.

All of us join our hands, unite together, become part of the programme by remaining absent on 27th Strike and be a part of the saga of beginning of our great and historic struggle.


Welcome to new members:

Huge number from different cadres of executives including accounts wing, LICE promotees have come forward and voluntarily submitted the membership forms to SNEA. During their just entrance (Six months before), they were threatened and forcible membership attempted is now reversed by the conscious decision by such executives this time. This sort of coercive attempt by some of the top officers especially in the accounts wing was very strongly protested by CS SNEA in the recent meeting held with GM Finance Circle office Bangalore and SNEA is committed to ensure the “free consent” concept in the exercise of option to which association they wish to align.

Associations and unions are built on sacrifice and hard work of leaders coupled with the objective to safeguard of the interest of their members at large but not for the self protection by occupying the posts of office bearers. Associations and unions are built on strong commitment to issues but not on flip-plop actions with short term appeasement to confuse members, which will boomerang. The executives are wise enough to understand our objectives and are strong enough to react properly. Leaders understand the expectations of members and act. But managers fight for their personal targets at the cost of followers, at the end of the day loose their followers. But blaming the true leaders for their own failure to hold their membership has no place in trade unionism. They can beat the drum without listeners.

It is SNEA, SNEA alone which courageously fought against the vindictive transfer orders of Smt Malati Accounts Officer, ( though not member of our association at that point in time) and finally proved the order issued is illegal and mala-fied and hence got it cancelled by legal process. It is again SNEA which prevailed upon the wrong interpretation of the AO Pay to be treated as sensitive post without any guidelines; that too applying this wrong interpretation to one particular AO; leaving all others, taken up boldly by SNEA with circle administration for reconciliation and clarification.

We want the suffocation, the autocracy prevailing in some sections by coercive actions of officers to further their vested interests to be halted. SNEA will tirelessly work in ensuring the free and fair atmosphere in all segments of BSNL.

Our sincerity in achieving Rule 8 cases both in 64 cases and 74 cases in addition to achieving almost all intra circle transfers is open from the beginning and known to everyone, of course at the same time role of others, their objective; how to mix up a non issue to scuttle our prompt and committed efforts but how ultimately sincerity and commitment has fetched the results. The microscopic observation of the letters being published in other association websites is an eye opener of the ambiguous stands that are taken on the contrary.

Our CHQ, which took clear from day one stand on the most pertinent executives’ issues on Standard Pay Scales, Super Annuation Benefits, CPSU pattern of promotions in the coming days, vision to work out a method of fast track promotion of youngsters to the level of DGM/CG/CGM are to attain finality at the earliest.  

At the same time we have to ensure the long pending promotions of JTO ( both SCF and LDCE), SDEs to the cadre of SDE and DE respectively which are held up due to complacent approach of the BSNL management. We have serious aberrations and anomalies like junior getting more salary than senor, uniform 4 year 1st TBP etc., Our CHQ is very seriously engaged in these issues also.

Our friends, LICE promoted JTOs have unanimously joined SNEA and we are committed to safeguard their interest in the coming days. We are moving with a very broad approach to ensure that all the stake holders will be best beneficiaries in our future plans and approaches we put forth before management.

Your joining the association has strengthened us to move forward with much enthusiasm and more strength in the coming days. We welcome you whole heartedly and we  “ Let us move forward unitedly”


Abnormal delay in taking decisions and failure to supply on demand products to the field units; is one of the avoidable causes added to the loss of mobile revenue in Karnataka circle. CS SNEA writes to CGMT Karnataka Respected Shri R Mani, for his personal intervention and urgent needufl action. For letter <<<View>>>


AGB Meeting of SNEA Raichur:

The AGB of Raichur was held on 14-07-2017 in the TRC HALL of GM Office Raichur. The meeting was presided by Com Bhimaiah. The programme commenced with invocation by Com Ibrahim. DS Com Shrikanth presented the DS report. The meeting was addressed by CS and CEC member Com Tata Babu and during the address by circle leaders some members both AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA shown interest to hear CS and attended the meeting. The doubts and queries were answered by the circle leaders.

Com Babu emphasized the importance of executives’ unity and thanked the circle body for the firm decision taken in the matter of Rule 8 transfers but for which the transfers would not have materialized and unfortunate situations that are created by some forces in destabilizing the process was successfully countered and nullified by the able leadership of SNEA. He has thanked all young JTOs who have participated and supported in the struggles that have been launched by SNEA and requested for further consolidation since the huge pendency of Rule 8 WL. He has particularly thanked the comrades Raichur for attending the lightening protest organized by SNEA irrespective union affiliation. Though he belong to 2007 batch JTO cadre, he has learnt a lot from the great works done by Com G L Jogi, Com S B Nagavi with whom he had and has the opportunity of travelling and meeting the various officers and the level of persuasion for the larger interest of the JTOs of Karnataka Circle have been serving in Karnataka circle for 8 to 10 years leaving their parents, near and dears far away in AP, Telangana, Kerala etc.,.  The entire SNEA Karnataka leaders have understood and accepted their family problems as of their own and shown their utmost sincerity in pursuing the case of Rule 8 and intra circle transfers. Though CS Karnataka was the brain behind our fight against BGTD administration to ensure the transfers from Rural to Urban and also adoption of transparent policy in the posting of incoming JTOs to BGTD; he had acknowledged and appreciated the 2nd line leadership in achieving this goal for the first time in BGTD.

CS Com S B Nagavi, while addressing the AGB, acknowledged and thanked all the comrades like V V Prasad, Chandrashekar and all others who have served in Raichur and got relieved under Rule 8 transfer AP/TS; for their service to Karnataka Circle. He has also thanked the CS SNEA of Telangana and AP for the best possible posting to our comrades in their states. Irrespective of persons whether he belongs to SNEA or any other association we have fought and pursued the cases and could see that all are helped in the process CS emphasized. CS in detail discussed about the importance of the 27th July 2017 one day strike for 3rd PRC and 30% SAB.

All LICE passed JTOs and many others friends who left our association earlier approached us and volunteered to join SNEA. It may be recalled that all young JTOs were the members of SNEA and even in 2008-09, the DR JTO was our DS Raichur for more than 2 terms but due to membership pouching some had left us. But when they had been frustrated there, wished and approached our DS that they want to join back SNEA. Article 14, 19 and 21 of Indian Constitution provide for fundamental rights like freedom of speech, form associations, join the association of their choice and freedom for life and liberty. These rights cannot be snatched away by anybody, any organization or any understandings. They are the right of individual, right in his person and cannot be snatched away by anybody. Of course anybody does it under duress, coercion can be rebuttable. SNEA has not done any sort of such coercion and that is not our policy.  

For the wrong policy adopted, not able to meet the aspirations of their members one cannot complain and blame others for their own failures. In a democratic country and that too in a class of educated community every executive in BSNL has that minimum prudence to decide himself where he can be, how he can protect himself and align to the association of his choice. If people are liked by the stand of SNEA and they want to reciprocate positively how can we say no to them.

Due to Rule 8 transfers many of our SNEA office bearers including the DS, Treasurer etc were relieved, our District Conferences were over due, it is our internal meetings of SNEA where we prioritized our meetings to elect new body at all places wherever vacuum is created by these transfers. It is in this background that SNEA had been holding these conferences and meetings at Kolar, Madikeri, Chickmaglur, Bidar and Raichur. Any other association leaders’ dreaming that they are not involved in these meetings and expecting CS SNEA to take them for our District Conferences is beyond the scope of SNEA constitution. The allegation of the other association that we are not initiated such meetings is without any base.

We have very high regards to other associations, it is for this reason that whenever we had actively involved in any struggles especially in respect of the issues related to the transfer of JTOs both Rule 8 and intra circle, CS has personally contacted them to join our struggle and also in recent past updated them all the issues, the pros and cons and requested for joint efforts; but unfortunately our sincere efforts were received no attention.

Now also, the war is not over, still huge numbers of Rule 8 transfers are pending to be considered. We request our friends for joining hands with us so that we can put up a strong demand for the consideration of Rule 8 transfers and at the same time safeguard the interest of all the LICE passed candidates to ensure justice to this major lot in the coming days. As these leaders of these associations are very good friends of mine (CS) and I always discuss with them of our plans always to forge a stronger unity on the issues and this is sincerely done by me all these years. Truth cannot be shielded or hidden for a long time; over the period it comes to the public domain. This is the strength in which leader wins though his travel may be little long. On the contrary, false promises may give immediate results; short cut methods may bring timely joy but suffers sustainability.

Our appeal to each individual and also to our young leaders is, use the scope available with us and let us unitedly fight this challenge so that our remaining JTO  friends aspiring intra circle transfers including LICE, Rule 8 transfers and their family can be helped by our future united struggle. SNEA is open for unity and united fight.

When the open discussion concluded and the house dissolved for election of new office bearers, the members of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA said they will leave the house. After accepting our thanks and gratitude, members of other association have left.

Then, the election process commenced and the following office bearers have been unanimously elected.

Comrades Kishor Reddy,  P Lakshmikanth, and Com Shrikanth have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively. We congratulate the new young and vibrant body and extend all support in the coming days.


For the full glimpses click here..


Let us clearly understand that,

So far DOT has not taken any decision positively on 3rd PRC,

MOC has not categorically taken a stand to recommend 3rd PRC,

Affordability cause cannot be applied to BSNL where it is Flagship Company of Indian Government

a.    Carrying the burden of providing loss making rural services

b.    Taking care of all Govt Policy programmes,

c.    No autonomy to take decision to close loss making exchanges, BTSs,

d.    BSNL is not free from political intervention,

e.    BSNL is not having its own top level management

f.     Hired management is not accountable and have failed miserably to provide the much needed support in the form stores, manpower and lack of quick decision.

Hence, employees and executives cannot be made responsible for its losses and hence we cannot be deprived of 3rd PRC when these hired deputationists are enjoying the 7th CPC.

We are bound to support the ongoing struggle, so join enmass to record our protest by participating in tomorrow’s hunger strike programme and let us be alert enough to act before cabinet takes an adverse decision on the 3rd PRC implementation with regard to BSNL.

Brief details of our justification by BSNLEU CHQ <<View>>


HUNGER STRIKE ON 13-07-2017 by Unions and Associations at BSNLCO,  Circle and SSA HQs.


(i) Settle wage revision and pension revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

(ii) Settle superannuation benefits to the Directly Recruited employees.

(iii) Unconditionally withdraw the Corporate Office letter dated 08.05.2017, banning all trade union activities in BSNL and vindictive actions.

All DSs / BSs / CHQ and Circle OBs / Activists / Members are requested to participate en masse and make it a grand success.

Note: The hunger strike at Bangalore will be at CGMT Office and in ROK at all SSA HQs.


Great Job done by SNEA BGTD:

In the administration of justice in transfer and postings, injected with  influence of one particular group decisions were being taken arbitrarily to trouble the members of SNEA. This act of administration yielding to such pressures is successfully halted both in accounts and engineering by the active and timely role played by SNEA BGTD.

SNEA is successfully halted the arbitrary transfer of an AO on the pretext of reading and defining AO pay as the akin to AO Cash and thereby arbitrarily bringing it in the ambit of sensitive post just to the furtherance of their motive of coercion they being the heads of sections and at the same time members of the association to whose pressure they were adding strength, misusing their administrative powers. We are thankful to Madam Geethanjali GM Finance Circle Office in understanding this motive behind the pressure exerted and decided to halt the process and get clarity on the issue.

An effort of making the Admin Section of PGM office filled by the activists of one particular association just to ensure all their unjust acts through back door entry was strongly protested by the leadership of BGTD under the leadership of DS Com Jayaprakash Javali; and SNEA was successful in making PGM BGTD to comprehensively understand the game plan. We are thankful to PGM BGTD for taking the timely corrective actions in the matter.

When large number of JTOs amounting to more than 20; being posted would have been the scapegoats of nepotism, favoritism etc.,. SNEA BGTD for the first time able to ensure that the vacancies are announced, options are called for and postings are given as per gradation list seniority, of course giving preference to lady JTOs. The efforts to manipulate such gradation seniority were also stalled by the timely intervention of DS SNEA and positive response by PGM/GM Admn.

However we found that some vested interests misguided our incoming JTOs to limit the options to 3 or 4 and also assuring them that they will certainly get urban and thereby issued the orders by which they have successfully ensured their favorites though they are juniors getting the better postings. BGTD SNEA will be taking all efforts to bring it to the notice of PGM and how this nexus is deep rooted and demand for action in the matter.

Our fight for the justice as per rules will continue. Great going by our comrades of BGTD.



Comrade Devaraj Kulkarni DGM Gulbarga and SDE Smt Shobha D K, have jointly donated Rs.10,000-00 to SNEA Karnataka. We are thankful to our beloved members of Gulbarga for their faith in this mighty organization.

Bidar SSA General Body Meeting:

On 7th July 2017 the District Conference of Bidar SSA was held.  32 members attended the GB.  Com Sunder AGM STR Presided over the function.  Com Anitha Patil had inspired the house with her invocation song. Com Dhoop Sing DS gave annual report. Com Tata Babu CEC member addressed the house and explained the achievements of circle and CHQ.  Com Nagavi CS in his address thanked all outgoing JTOs who have got rule 8 transfers for their service as JTO Karnataka.  
Com Com Nagavi welcomed Comrades Karthik, Swami, Azar, Sunil, Chaitanny, Sudhir, Sadayya, Vikas, Ashuthosh, Saikrishna, Vishwanath and Suvarna who have newly joined SNEA. 

Com  K Shrinivas Chaitannya JTO, K Karthik JTO and S Sundar AGM are elected as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively.
The meeting was a grand success with the participation of all young JTOs of Bidar with more than 32 members present.
An Appreciation to be placed on record:

Com Dhoop Singh, young JTO took charge of DS Bidar in ) October 2016, with 6 only 6 youngsters joining SNEA at that time; proved his organizing capacity by his hard work of protecting the members of SNEA and particularly in the transfers of JTOs with the strong guidance of senior leaders of SNEA in Bidar. He was able to ensure 22 youngsters join this mainstream. Interestingly, the much needed support extended by Com Karthik, Com Shekar and others instilled the confidence in the executives that it is only SNEA that can achieve the welfare of executives and stop nepotism and favoritism.

Now Com Dhoop Singh and many others from Bidar have got  transferred to AP under Rule 8 (members of other association also) have beyond any iota of dought understood the efforts of the association that has materialized their dream of reaching home town which ultimately resulted in the consolidation of SNEA in the state.

What is more important is his concern in holding the conference promptly even after his relief and finally electing a new vibrant body with the leadership of Comrade Karthik and Shekar who will continue the success to further heights.

We from SNEA, recognize and acknowledge the humbleness, hard work and success of Com Dhoop Signh and his team in strengthening  Karnataka BSNL and in particular SNEA. We wish him and his team of Rule 8 all the success.
For full glimpses of Conference click here...

Preperations of Agitations to ensure 3rd PRC and 30% SAB to BSNL; Extended CEC of BSNLEU addressed by SNEA representing executives' associations.
For full glimpses view here



JTOs of Madikeri transferred to Kerala have donated Rs.25,000-00 to SNEA Karnataka. Com Hussain Peer SDE Tumkur (RS.5000-00), Com Ashok Alagundi JTO CO (Rs.3,000-00) and Com Udaya Ravi DGM MR (Rs.10,000-00) have donated to circle fund. SNEA is thankful to all these comrades.


CS attends Farewell meeting Chickmaglur.

In Krishna Grand Hotel Chickmaglur, the farewell function to Com Satishkumar JTO Mobiles on Rule 8 transfer to Telengana and Com Gurumurthy JTO OD Chikamaglur on transfer to STR Kolar was arranged on 29th June 2017. Com Tatababu CEC member and Com Nagavi CS have attended the function.

It is quite apt to place on record the services rendered by Com Satishkumar, JTO MS Chickmaglur. An humble, quite knowledgeable in IT, a postgraduate in the IT security tools has applied his knowledge to create many IT tools in the mobile and transmission wing which was very much helpful and the entire section benefited in Karnataka and BGTD also. Now the STR Telangana will be enriched by his inclusion there. He is a great resource person for this company and with such humble personality is ready to help anybody.

In his speech on the occasion he told that he has worked to satisfy himself and always tried to find out ways and means as to how his educational knowledge could be applied to this company which gave him bread and butter but never dreamed that he would be honored with the SANCHAR SEVA PADAK by BSNL. He said he has got many things, name, fame and position by the company. He was lucky to be among the company of Chickmaglur colleagues. He has thanked SNEA for its role in ensuring the Rule 8 transfers to many most needy JTOs who were away from their native like him.

Comrade Gurumurthy JTO also thanked the gathering for such a colorful function. Com K L Shivanna, DGM Chickmaglur presided over the function.

During the meeting the newly joined JTOs Comrades Prakash, Ramakrishna, Sundar, Ravishankar and Geetha have joined SNEA and submitted forms of membership.



Com A N Gopalkrishna DS SNEA welcomed the gathering and Com Prasannakumar extended vote of thanks.

Glimpses of Farewell function at Chickmaglur


Glimpses of Farewell function at Chickmaglur

Madiker AGB Glimpses view here...

AGB meeting of Madikeri SSA.

The annual general body meeting of Madikeri SSA was held on 28th June 2017 under the president ship of Com Panchakshari DP. Com Prashanth DS presented the DS Report and acknowledged the tremendous work done by circle body in ensuring the rule 8 transfers of JTOs in 2016 and 2017. Com Raghavendra Treasurer presented the statement of accounts. Com Geetha welcomed the gathering and Com Lingappagowda extended the vote of thanks. In the open session Shri Subbaiah TDM Madikeri addressed the house and appriciated the works of SNEA members and sough the co-operation in future also.

Com Tatababu CEC member from BGTD attended the conference and addressed the house and answered the questions and cleared the doubts in the minds of young JTOs by his research analyses of the history of SNEA right from the era of Com W Sheshagiri Rao to the present leadership and how presently the real polarization of the stake holders has taken place in CHQ and all dramatists are playing their real game of spoiling the prospects of young generation of BSNL and it is the right time for each executive to decide who is the real representative of JTOs and executives. Com Babu appreciated the efforts of Circle SNEA under the leadership of Com Nagavi and how the hurdles created by many corners are successfully countered and achieved 71 Rule 8 transfers and more than 50 intra circle transfers in the cadre of JTOs. Com Babu explained all the tough stand taken before the management at every stage of the process and he was with CS and witnessed all such timely actions of CS. In the absence of the stiff resistance; the whole process would have been diluted he said.

Com S B Nagavi, CS in his address thanked all the comrades of Kodagu who are now being relieved on rule 8 transfers for their services they have rendered in a difficult hilly station like Kodagu and wished them a great success in their future career. CS welcomed all the new JTOs Comrades Sandhya, Prathibha, Rijul, Vinod Kumar, Dattaatreya, Rathish Kumar, Renuka, Mashruque and Binoy to SNEA. CS also thanked Com Prashant and his team for their support in all the activities of SNEA during his period as the DS.

Comrade RIJUL, JTO has been unanimously elected as the new District Secretray in place of Com Prashanth DS who is under transfer orders to Kerala. We congratulate comrade Rijul and other newly elcted office bearers in the present body.

Glimpses view here...


CS today met GM Admn Shri Ashok Agarwal and DGM Staff Shri M V Angadi and protested on the non relieving of the JTOs on Rule 8/request transfers and also on the non relieving of SDEs who have to come back after long stay and request transfers. As the issue is related to children education an urgent action in required. GM instructed DGM to get full details of all the cases immediately to take further action in the matter.


SNEA leadership met Shri R Mani, CGMT Karnataka and welcomed him on 19th May 2017:


Kolar Annual GB Meeting of SNEA:

A well organized meeting SNEA Kolar was held on 21st June 2017 at Kolar under the leadership  of Com Narain Nandakumar DS and Com Munishekar CWC  member. Com Giridhar AGM presided over the function. GB deliberated on the burning issues of SSA and particularly on the outsourcing incremental OF cable maintenance and also acknowledged the role of SNEA in highlighting the facts in the issue. Comrades who are being relieved under Rule 8 transfers are honored and felicitated by SNEA Kolar for their services to BSNL Karnataka and Kolar. The untiring efforts of SNEA in recognizing these services vy ensuring the rule 8 transfers as the relief to join their families and the dear ones was very well appreciated by honoring CS SNEA on this occasion. CS informed the house that he accepts the recognition attributable to the collective efforts in our endeavor but not as an individual. SNEA is capable of producing leaders to achieve the goals of executives even in the coming days also. CS categorically assured to ensure that in the coming days the issues relating the present LICE promoted JTOs will be protected at any cost and SNEA is committed for that. Com Munishekar recollected the memories how SNEA came into picture at Kolar, when all DRs were treated like bonded labours by vested interests at Kolar and the success in countering and nullifying such forces under the banner of SNEA. Com Tata Babu, CEC member spoke on the occasion and gave detailed account of the achievements of SNEA right from the beginning of BSNL formation and why he is today the strong supporter of SNEA. Right from the local issues to national level SNEA is going to play a major role in the coming days and being in SNEA and supporting all decisions of SNEA will save BSNL for ever at the same time achieve all our cadre demands into a reality. Com Narain gave brief report of Kolar Branch and drawn the attention of CS on issues relating to stores, FTTH and Transmission related maintenance issues. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks.
Glimpses of Kolar SNEA Meeting.


Glimpses of Dharna at Circle Office BG by Unions/Associations.

Glimpses of Kolar SNEA Meeting.



MASS DHARNA on 20.06.2017:

Unions and Associations Mass Dharna at BSNLCO Circle and SSA HQ demanding:


(i) Settle wage revision and pension revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

(ii) Settle superannuation benefits to the Directly Recruited employees.

(iii) Unconditionally withdraw the Corporate Office letter dated 08.05.2017, banning all trade union activities in BSNL and vindictive actions.


Historic Joint CEC of SNEA, AIGETOA and BASE(I) of Karnataka Circle:

The Joint Circle working committee of the three associations was held at SNEA BHAVAN, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore on 9th June 2017 under the President ship of Veteran Com B S Venkateshmurthy, Circle President SNEA Karnataka. Com Ashok Shigli, President AIGETOA shared the dias and conducted the function in grand and most focused and purposeful way. Com K Sebastin, Convenor, Joint Forum of Executives’ Association and General Secretary SNEA, Com Shankar General Secretary BASE(I) and Com Ravishil Verma, General Secretary AIGETOA were the distinguished guests on the occasion.

The proceedings commenced with the invocation. Com S B Nagavi after welcoming the guests and the house, gave a brief report of the progress and development of SNEA Bhavan, its use for the public of Sahakar Nagar and members of SNEA where we are able to provide free accommodation to members of SNEA during their visit to Bangalore. The saga of dedication and sacrifice of our predecessor leaders in bringing this asset SNEA BHAVAN, the market value of the asset now exceeding 2 crores, and remembered the names of Com Gangadhara Rao, Com Raghavendra Rao and Com Vittal Rao, their vision and fore thinking in bringing this asset and the value addition of the present body in constructing the First and Second Floor. Today we are the beneficiaries of the fruits of such asset. CS acknowledged the huge donations by our members in the construction of this massive building. He remembered the name of Com M N Ramakrishna, Present District President Mysore who donated Rs. 16,002-00 in the year 1994.

In the meeting today Com Uday Ravi, DGM Mangalore announced Rs.10,000-00 donation to SNEA Bhavan and Com Sandeep JTO Raichur announced Rs.5,000-00.

Com Sunder Raju CS AIGETOA has briefed the details of the agitation programmes  by the JF, conducted in Karnataka and declared to strengthen the bonding of JF in the coming days on CHQ as well as Circle issues.

Com Pandurang Nayak, JSS spoke and explained the role of youngsters in the present circumstances and their future is fully depended on the seriousness with which each one of us take this programme and actively participate.

Com Shankar, GS BASE(I) assured the full support in the coming days and all their circle/SSA units will take active and 100% participation as their issues being taken care of JF.

Com Ravishil Verma GS AIGETOA, explained on the seriousness of the issues on the agenda and its full accomplishment depends on our full energy participation in the forthcoming days. He has explained that the Joint Forum of SNEA, AIGETOA with other executive associations is moving with clear vision and full confidence of achieving the common issues drawn out in our demands.

Com K Sebastin, Convenor JF and General Secretary SNEA, in his address elaborated the present position on all the issues vis-a vis Standard Pay Scales, 30% SAB, promotions from JTO to SDE and  SDE to DE, uniform 4 year first TBU, Pay parity and particularly on the move of BSNL CO, the Dir HR and CMD who are presently in line with the demands of JF and represented vehemently to DOT that they are with the executives’ and needs them to be resolved to improve the performance of the company and motivation of the staff and executives.

Both the GS, made it very clear that their path of negotiation with the management was paved the way by the mass CL of more than TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND EXECUTIVES as part of JF call. While GS AIGETOA claimed the selective threat of disciplinary action of management is a feather in his cap for his success in consolidation of executives’ support, GS SNEA told that getting charge sheet is not new to SNEA that they have faced such situations in the past and they will not be deterred by such tricks of administration to divide and rule at the same time assured the house that the action on AIGETOA leadership will be nullified in toto at any cost. Both GS have appealed to all the activists not be complacent but be prepared for any short notice to hit back to the management by our organizational action if situation so demands. When some leadership in the fag end of his service takes a narrow view to defeat the success of larger issues, their members have every right to take a considered comprehensive stand in the larger benefit of executives and this message should reach down the line.

As such presently we are much concerned with the stiff competition and price war we are facing in the industry, the JF will strive hard to utilize all methods to convince MOSC, DOT, BSNL and if they fail to be sincere and honest at any stage, we will be and we must be ready to react.

Com Ashok Shigli, Com B S Venkateshmurthy have delivered their presidential address and both endorsed the view of CHQ.

The meeting adjourned sine die with a resolution of working with strong bonding in the circle for achieving the local and CHQ issues.

 Com Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD extended vote of thanks.

Glimpses of Joint CEC Meeting of SNEA/AIGETOA/BASE(I) <<<View>>>



Congratulations. Your unqualified support for the cause taken up by SNEA to ensure the intra circle and Rule 8 transfers of our JTOs, who had been serving in Karnataka in most cases even for more than decades; has now finally put straight and implementation commenced. Though SNEA leadership has taken very clear focused stand on the strategy; it is your support, commitment and firm belief in this leadership, which resulted into achieving 64 Rule 8 transfers last year and 71 Rule 8 transfers now.

You must be aware or investigate on the intention of the people who claimed 1:1 transfer when 82 candidates were sent for JTO training, even by writing a letter to CGMT but how they changed their colors and tried their level best to become the stumbling block in these matters. We are surprised to know that when the management was about take firm decision to decide the posting of JTO trainees to enable the agreed 74 Rule 8 transfers, these forces questioned even the authority of CGMT to issue Rule 8 orders and pleaded to get clarification from BSNL CO on such authority. They tried to mislead management that CGMT cannot issue Rule 8 orders. Circle Office accordingly written to BSNL CO to get such clarification which was very strongly rebutted telephonic ally by BSNL CO that seeking such clarification totally amounts to poor knowledge on the staff and HR matters. When such reaction was received by BSNL CO, they have realized that what is being demanded by this association is totally in line with the rules and procedures and our intervention at each and every stage  yielded us the expected results.

In 2015, we had no JTO recruitment either through LICE or by Direct Recruitment, we could allow the long stay transfer in the cadre JTOs to consider the request transfers and as no increase in the number of JTOs, we could not pursue the Rule 8 transfers also.

When 22 LICE candidates except one medical case were used to consider the request transfer during the then CGMT Shri R K Mishra period, none intervened and it was a smooth sail as requested by SNEA. Of course all these JTOs are getting transferred back to their required places now.

When in 2016, we got 190 TTAs promoted as JTOs and among them 70 candidates were having more than 3 to 4 years of service, the ulterior motive of these forces when encouraged by administration to resort to long stay transfers protecting these 70 was successfully stalled by SNEA by our agitation at the same time achieved our assured 64 Rule 8 transfers.  In the process more than 30 request transfers were also got ordered and implemented by our agitation programme in 2016.

Now in 2017, through our formal meeting with the management on 1st Feb, we were able to clinch transfer of Rule 8 cases upto WL No.74 and thereafter worked continuously  with the administration by our much needed inputs as well as intervention in such a way that side by side maximum request transfers are also considered. Our efforts have yielded full results.

First Rule 8 cases are identified; the request transfers to these resultant vacancies were fixed. These two processes paved the way to identify vacant posts for the candidates who are getting their promotion. More than 60% of the trainees also got their desired places. The postings were ensured by counseling method as per training centre marks.  

These candidates who are getting promoted are enbloc juniors to both Rule 8  as well as the intra circle aspirants and therefore their effort to override these seniors should have been properly resisted by all executive associations and there should have been a unanimity on this fundamental position. But surprisingly these other associations’ initially demanding 1:1 rule 8 transfers corresponding to 82 trainees, when management actually reached to act positively on the issue, changed their stand. Had these forces proceeded on proper line, we would have clinched 5 more Rule 8 cases plus 8 spouse cases. In fact the then CGMT had assured us that he will at least ensure net 74 cases but now only 71 could be cleared. But unfortunately our energy was to be much focused only on achieving the assured cases rather than increasing the numbers due the confusion tried by others in the process.

Of course, we went to RTTC Mysore and met all these trainees and explained the position. We have told them in what way their demand for posting them to Bangalore by replacing the long stay JTO of Bangalore other places will hold no ground. The hard fact is that these JTOs whom they are talking of sending them on long stay transfer are waiting for their SDE promotion for more than 20 years. These JTO trainees for whom they are showing vengeance; they were trying to get Bangalore etc., have just put in 5 to 7 years service and are going to other places on promotion. When the JTOs get SDE promotion they will also be bound to be transferred but not on the only reason of their longest stay.

We have also clarified them in categorical terms during our visit at RTTC that; when a situation of the future trainee being proposed tp be posted to Bangalore or any other place, this association will very seriously take up the matter to ensure the transfer of the presently disturbed candidates to such places to undo the aberration by relaxing the condition of two year stay as future trainees are the junior-most.

JTO cadre is a feeder cadre and people are recruited here and in any department, the internal transfers will be ensured before posting the new person. SDE cadre is not feeder cadre. And to consider the request transfers long stay transfer has to be resorted as there is no direct recruitment.

Today SNEA has the satisfaction that, we are able to achieve the highest number of Rule 8 transfers and almost all request transfers and this is being felt and enjoyed by all those JTOs who are members of SNEA or otherwise.

SNEA fought for ensuring the management to follow the rules, the rule of law should govern, and the law of the land should prevail. Our appeal to these forces is to understand this and move forward. This association never fought for gaining membership by false assurances. Today we are equally conscious that some JTOs trainees are not able to get their desired places. We don’t enjoy their disturbance, but will try to bring them back to desired places in the immediate next opportunity. Now this is our responsibility and we will sincerely pursue it with full commitment.

We are sorry to say that when hundreds of JTOs are waiting for decades for their transfers others were trying to derail it in the name of long stay, SNEA shouldered its responsibility to get them relief and justice but never with the intent of disturbing the JTO trainees.

Dear young promoted JTOs,

You are entering into the cadre of Executives, from Monday 12th June 2017. We welcome you to this prestigious cadre. We are having larger issues to fight for you. The standard Pay Scales (E2 Rs.20600), 30% SAB, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc.,. These efforts of association will take you to the level of GMs and CGMs and this is our final target. You are the luckiest of the Group C cadre because you are entering executive cadre in just 6 to 7 years of service and that too in numbers of 100, 200. May be you might have seen the posting issue one perceptive but when it is taken comprehensively you will be able to perceive that no injustice is enforced. Our appeal is to look at the intent of the forces assured you and not at the promise that have been brought before you. To take a call on which association you are to be is your liberty. The way we fought for the transfer of JTOs to whatever the association he belongs and this principle of ours goes on and on. Definitely you would be the next beneficiary of our efforts in the coming days. Once again wishing you all the best in your career.






Spl CL Granted by CGMT Karnataka Circle for the CEC. <<View>>

CS along with DS BGTD and DS CO met CGMT Karnataka Circle Shri N Venkateshwara Rao yesterday and discussed various issues including timely relieving of JTOs, SDEs on transfer and also modification in the posting of DGMs and AGMs to avoid anomaly. CS also brought to the notice of CGMT, the colourable practices of DGM Karwar, defying the orders and instructions of GM Karwar in order to meet his unfair requirements.


Emergency Circle Executive Committe Meeting:

The CEC meeting of

SNEA Karnataka circle will be held

at SNEA Bhavan, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore

on 09th June 2017 from 1000 hours.

The meeting will be addressed by CHQ leaders, General Secretary Com K Sebastin, Joint Secretary Com Pandurang Nayak and also by other Joint Forum leaders on the pending HR issues and the modality of the programme of action to achieve the same. The district Secrertaries are requested to come prepared with their inputs to make the programme a grand succes. CS is also contacting the circle level JF leaders to hold joint meeting on the same day.

All the District Secretaries, CEC and CWC members, Circle Office Bearers have to attend the meeting positively without fail. Attendence is compulsory. For notice and agenda copy click here..Spl CL will be sanctioned and published in circle intranet today.


Farewell Function:

Respected Sri P Nagaraju, Advisor, DOT, the then CGMT Karnataka, is retiring today the 31st May 2017 and SNEA circle organisation is proposing to conduct

a grand farewell function

on 3rd June 2017 at 1500 hours

in CGMT Office Bangalore

to express our gratituous feelings for the work he has done to our circle as well as to the executive cadre. All the District Secretaries, District Office Bearers, Circle Office Bearers all members of circle office, Mobile Services and BGTD are also invited on this great occassion and be a part for the success of the function.


CHQ News:

In strongest protest against repressive measures and vindictive actions against our leaders , Jt Forum of BSNL Executives Associations decided to hold two days Massive Dharna at BSNL CO, Circle HQs and SSA HQs on 01.06.2017 and 02.06.2017.  

for letter click here


Farewell Function:

It is proposed to arrange a farewell function to our beloved and respected CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju on his promotion and superannuation retiurement. The programme is tantatively scheduled to be held on 3rd June 2017 at Circle Office Conference Hall. All the district Secretaries, District Presidents, Circle Office bearers and active members are invited to attend the function. The exact time will be informed after confirmation of the time slot of CGMT.


Postponment of Circle Conference:

It is informed by GS Com K Sebastin, that it will not be possible for the CHQ leaders to attend the Circle Conference on 27th and 28th May 2017, due to their pre-occupied programmes at Central Headquarters specially on the agitation programmes and various discussions on the demands of SNEA and suggested us to postpone the confercnce.

The circle conferance donation is so far not credited by many SSAs, including all big SSAs also. In the absence of sufficient funds it is not possible to schedule the circle conference. In view of this it is reqestred that all SSAs who have not credited the circle conference fund, Diary amount and quota due to immediately credit the same.

The decision to hold the conference will be taken after receipt of the requsit funds and dues.

6th Day Relay Hunger Strike:

6th Day RHS programme was a grand success by the presence of our Belgaum Comrades ( Seven members ) and  ACE Division (Architecture, Civil and Electrical) comrades ( 25 members ) from all SSAs of Karnataka, of course supported by Circle Office young comrades and BGTD members also.

Com Pandurang Nayak JSS (CHQ), Com D D Shanwad AGM and Senior Comrade of Belgaum, Com Kamath DS Belgaum have addressed the gathering from Belgaum. Com Bapugouda Patil of AIGETOA Belgaum also addresed the meeting. Comrades of AIGETOA lead by Latha Jain also fully participated in the hunger fast and the gathering was addressed by Com Lata and Uttam.

During lunch hour CS BASE(I) Com Mahadev and Com Prabhu have also addressed and explained the importance of agitation. Com Ramesh Ex DS BGTD explained the importance of struggles that have yielded in the previous instances.

In the evening when Member Services respected Shri R K Mishraji arrived at the RHS vanue, members taken slogans for the implementation of standard pay scales which is pending with DOT. Members Services DOT hand shaked with Com Nagavi CS SNEA and invited us to CGM's chamber and held discussions with all the JF representatives. Com Gundanna Convenor also accompanied and held discussions. The focus was on E2 E3 issue and the 3rd PRC implementation.

As per CHQ instructions, the programme is deferred and members present in the RHS announced that they will be ready for any future call given by CHQ/JF in the coming days.


5th Day Relay Hunger Strike:

Com B S Venkateshmurthy Circle President, Com M N Ramakrishna Distrct President Mysore and Com A B Naragund District Secretary and ten members of Mysore SNEA have participated in the 5th day programme on 5-5-5017. 

Com Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD, Com M H Gombi ACS, Com Ramesh Ex DS BGTD, Com R B Joshi ExDS BGTD and other comrades of BGTD have also participated in the programme.

Com S P Jagadale DS Hubli also continued his fast yesterday.

Com Pallavi Latha DS AIGETOA and her colleuges also took part in the RHS programme.

Comrades of Circle office have joined in launch hour meeting to extend the moral and solidarity support.

Today Comrades of Belgaum and Civil and Electrical wing (ACE Karnataka Circle Branch) will  participate in the programme today the 6th May 2017.


4th Day Relay Hunger Strike:

Lead by Com S P Jagadale DS SNEA Hubli, along with 10 members of Hubli SSA was held yesterday the 4th May 2017. Four Comrades of SNEA Circle office joined the programme. Com Ahok Shigli Circle Presidnet AIGETOA along with Com Sourab Agarwal also took part in the programme.

Com S P Jagadale, DS while addressing the programme focused on the need of consolidation to bring the much needed pressure on the management to ensure our demands are met at the earliest.

Huge number of members of Circle Office members of all executive associations have also attended the programme during lunch hour and extended their moral and solidarity support for the ongoing struggle.

Today Comrades of Mysore SSA will be leading the programme.


Comrades of Belgaum will be participating on Saturday.


The relay hunger strike of the third day i.e. on 3rd May 2017 was lead by Com Mahesh DS Tumkur with more than 11 members from Tumkur attended and took part in the programme. Com Leela Branch Secretary Malleshwaram with her colleagues also participated. Com Ashok Shigli Circle President AIGETOA participated and addressed the programme. During lunch hour Com M N Ramakrishna District President SNEA Mysore and comrades of Mysore also attended the programme.

Huge number of circle office executives especially  members of AIBSNLEA have also attended the lunch hour meeting and expressed support to the members  on hunger fast. Com Savita, Com Ramakrishna, Com Nagavi, Com Javali of SNEA and Com Shigli of AIGETOA addressed during Lunch Hour.

Comrades day by day the momentum of our struggle getting consolidated and going stronger and members from outstation are coming to circle office and participating. This being noticed by members of circle office are now appreciating the members of this association and joint forum for the spirit of our comrades and the inner strengths our comrades do have.

Circle organization acknowledges the great programme of our Tumkur comrades and thank Com Mahesh and his team and all the members of Joint Forum who took part yesterday.

Today Comrades of Hubli will be on hunger fast. Comrades of STP and Circle office are likely to take part in the programme. And tomorrow Mysore comrades will take the lead.


The relay hunger strike on the second day i.e., on 2nd May 2017 was lead by Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar and 21 comrades of Kolar have participated in the programme. One member from AIGETOA, one member of SNEA Circle Office also participated in RHS. Members of circle office also joined in the lunch hour and supported the members on hunger fast.

Today more than 10 members of Tumkur SSA under the leaqdership of Com Mahesh DS Tumkur  have promised to participate. Comrades of BGTD have assured to join in today's programme.

Com Sunder Raj CS AIGETOA, Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar and Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA have addressed the gathering during lunch hours.

Thanks to all comrades who have been volunteering to be part of this struggle for dignity of executives. Let the struggle consolidate to furhter heights in the coming days to strengthen the hands of CHQ Joint Forum in resolution of our justified demands.


Today also lunch hour meeting will be programmed and the members of circle office and BGTD are requested to be present in the meeting.


Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike Commenced on May Day the 1st May 2017, making another history in the trade Union Movements. Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA and Com Sundar Raj CS AIGETOA began their fast from 0930 am of 1st May. Com Mahadev CS BASE(i) also joined the programme. DS BGTD Com Jayaprakash Javali, Com Makkannavar DS CO BG, Comrade S Shridhar ACS, Com C R Suresh Kumar CT, Com Ravishankar DS ACE, Com Padmanabhachar President ACE has also joined in the Hunger Fast.

Today, Comrades of Kolar under the leadership of Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar are participating as the first District to travel to Bangalore and participate in the programme.

Various developments are taking place in Headquarters, negative forces surfacing again at the time of resolution of some of the issues, the feelings of the grass root level members are totally against such negative move by their leadership at this juncture have dis-appointed them and such members are calling us that they will desert their association come out openly to join in our ongoing struggle.

Today, Lunch Hour demonstration is also planned at Circle office and therefore it is appealed that all members of circle office and BGTD are requested to attend the same in maximum number to boost the morale of the fighting brigade.

Next Turn.. Tumkur (3-5-2017), Hubli (4-5-2017), Mysore (5-5-2017)


Joint Forum Meeting comprising of SNEA, AIGETOA and BASE(I) :

Today morning the Circle Secretaries of SNEA ( Com S B nagavi), AIGETOA ( Com Sundar Raju) and BASE(I) ( Com B D Mahadev) met at Circle Office and decided to make the CHQ organisational programme a Grand Success.

It is decided to direct the District Secretaries of all SSAs to hold the joint meeting of all associations at SSA level also.

The meeting decided to hold the relay hunger strike at Circle Office ( CGMT Office Bangalore) and at all SSA headquearters and to ensure the participation of all members in the 3 days programme of relay hunger strike from 25h April 2017 to 28th April 2017.

Further it is decided that all members of all the associations to go on MASS CASUAL LEAVE on 28th April 2017.

As it is a do or die situation, the Joint Forum requests all the members and executives irrespective of their affiliation to take the programme very seriously without any second thought and enure the dignity of the executives is protected at any cost and will give no chance for the administration to divide us.

Posters and banners to be printed locally.

The meeting concluted with vote of thanks.


Day long Dharna on 11th April 2017:

As per CHQ call, Karnataka Circle is decided to hold the Day Long Dharna on 11th April 2017 at all SSA headquarters and in Bangalore at CGMT Office Bangalore. All SNEA members are requested to join enmass and also SNEA appeals to all executives to join the struggle to protect our scales.


CS met CGMT Karnataka Shri Nagaraju on 31st March 2017 and discussed on the modalities of considering the Request Transfer of SDEs and the SDEs waiting to come back who have gone on long stay transfers 2 years before. CGMT informed that the cases will be processed in the first week of April. This week therefore orders are likely to issued.

CS along with Com Giridhar, Com Rakesh, Com Tukaram, Com Deepa, Com Shridhar, Com Palanivelu today met DGM Finance Circle Office Shri Unnikrishnan and discussed on the issue of EPF pension and requested to expedite the process as per the dire4ctions of BSNL CO. In fact DGM and concerned officers were on the job and are likely to meet EPF authorities at Bangalore tomorrow and appraised the same to us. Our team has also given certain inputs particularly the errors to be corrected in the database of EPF accounts particularly the Date of Joining in BSNL etc., and given them some running examples of errors. DGM was kind to look into all those cases.

Glimpses of Lunch Hour Demo at Bangalore Circle office << Click here>>
Glimpses of Lunch Hour Demo at ROK << Click here>>


Lunch Hour Demonstration


31st March 2017

AT CGMT OFFICE Bangalore and all SSA HQrs


Protesting against

DOT orders on Standard Pay Scales.

Demotion of JTO/JAO cadres

Unilateral Decision of DOT

            Betrayal of Assurances of CMD BSNL


Our fight till We get E2 for JTO/JAO and E3 SDE/AO

Our fight till We get pay parity for JTOs/JAO


Executives’ Unity Zindabad


Appeal by


For all executives to participate.



FR 22(1)(a)(1) Case of TTA to JTO Officiating Court left out Cases:

For the list sent to CHQ in respect of left out cases. For list click here..


Award To Com Somnath Jagadale DS Hubli:


Vishist Sanchar Seva Padak conferred on to Com S P Jagadale, District Secretary Hubli on 25th March 2017.

Thanks to respected GM Shri Vivek Jaiswalji for arranging a grand function, of course for recognizing the hard work of Com Jagadale despite facing him as DS in many issues where he had confronted but also got results by his sustained efforts.

Thanks to all well wishers of Com Jagadale who have thanked and congratulated him personally, through whatsup and SMSs.

Thanks to Smt Jyotirmaye, Lecturer Hanchinamane PU College Ddarwad, wife of Com Jagadale and all family members for their support to Jagadale.

Thanks to JTOs Comrades Kakkanna, Suresh, Uday TTAs Comrades Bankapur, Yavagal, Alasangi, Shivaprasadgowda, Abbigeri (now JAO), TMs Comrades Girish, Nithynand, Mallad and Driver Jeetu the team of Comrade Jagadale for their wonderful support.

Compassion, Commitment and Concern about BSNL got him the prestigious recognition. He has been the most successful leader of SNEA Hubli, brought glory and pride to SNEA by honestly and sincerely working presenting the cases of our members and always stood like rock beind the issues of our members. This act of him brought great improvement in our strength at Hubli and today all BSNL Engineers are members of SNEA today.

But this activity has never came in the way of his official duties. Rather he was extremely prompt in his official duties and works which has brought him this recognition. We wish Com Jagadale all the success in his future aims and dreams in furthering the progress of the Company BSNL as well as SNEA in the coming days. For Glimpses of award ceremony Click here...


FR 22(1)(a)(1) Case of TTA to JTO Officiating Court Case:

The list of SNEA members whose names are missing in the Hon Court order may be sent with full details to Com Pandurang Nayak JSS (9449854464) , to hs email id on or before 26th March 2017 so that he will send a consolidate list to CHQ. This may be treated as important and urgent. The list sumbitted thereafter will not be accepted. His email id is nayak.pandurang@gmail.com


Cancellation of Hunger Strike of 16th and 17th March-2017


We have belatedly received the information from the CHQ on the cancellation of the programme of Hunger Strike. The CHQ and BSNL management engaged in ensuring the meeting of in charge DOT Secretary and could not materialize however, BSNL management once again informed in writing to us that they are fully engaged in the issue and CHQ has taken cognizance of the same, hence cancelled the programme. CHQ definitely must be trying to impress upon BSNL management that we SNEA are equally responsible because we are passing through a critical financial year to increase our revenue and also fully understand that there is no regular DOT Secretary on Board. I feel this much liberty to the CHQ is available in doing so and find no reason to doubt of their seriousness or commitment in the issue of Standard Pay Scales demand or for that matter 22820 issue. This association, to be precise this association alone has the credibility of achieving all the glories in the fast on the foundation of sustained negotiation and struggle in all important issues. Our veteran Late W Sheshagiri Rao, used to tell us that trade union action should be the last resort but never forget that once it has to be resorted to, it should be with full preparation and full force. Being SNEAans, one should not have an iota of doubt that leadership has told something for the sake of gaining votes. If SNEA had fought verification for gaining votes it would als have had the unholy alliances. These sort of feelings will weaken our movement. Though it is standard pay scale we will witness that all seniors will also equally participate or participated in such struggles and they were never complaisant. This association is a blend or both youngsters, seniors and top executives. Any one section hurting the feeling of others are not welcome and our leaders have trained us how we must be accommodative and result oriented. 

We have after the cancellation of the programme, received many aggressive responses, even doubting the seriousness of the leadership, the CHQ for the abrupt cancellation of the programme. Of course, this is the outburst of the patience of our young JTOs who have been waiting for long years on this vital issue. It is more pertinent here to know that who had created this mess all these years and also how to effectively move forward. It becomes the responsibility of everyone of us that once the real struggle starts on this issue, we have ensure the participation of all the SNEAans as well as all stake holder executives in the struggle.

We all must also understand that, verification, representative executive association are not the only the path for the solutions of theses issues but the real solution lies in the STRONG and UNITED fight in the coming days.

As Circle Secretary of this organization, I have took all your resentment as our aggressive strength for the remaining, forthcoming programmes of our agitation. In the meantime I have  appraised all these developments to our respected CHQ  and got the direction that all SSAs to hold organizational meetings to make future programmes successful.

So comrades, get ready for a great struggle in the Month of April and onward, struggle and struggle alone can get us standard pay scales.


Circle Secretary.



CS writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju, to increase the number of Rule 8 transfers upto WL No.79 and 8 Spouze cases. For letter click here...


It has been decided that the Two days Relay Hunger strike on 16th and 17th March, 2017 will not be held for now. However there will not be any change in the TU programmes from 11.04.2017 onwards. Since regular Secretary DoT has not joined so far, decision on E1A and E2A pay scales may take some time.  DIR(HR) tried to arrange a meeting with Secretary for the last one week but could not materialize as regular Secretary not available. CMD also tried to discuss the issue with Secretary and resolve it. Yesterday DIR(HR) written a DO letter also to AS(T) citing the Trade Union Notice of the recognized Executive Association in BSNL and requested DoT for early approval of the proposal by BSNL for revision on E1A and E2A scales.

Today DIR(HR) invited SNEA for discussion and explained the developments and appealed not to go for agitation till regular Secretary joins in DoT.

Morning we had discussion with CMD also. Both assured us to use their good office to settle the issue as soon as new Secretary joins.

View Copy of the Appeal by GM (SR) /BSNL CO.


Observe Hunger Strike and Lunch Hour Demonstration

DoT Approval for standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs as per 2nd PRC. 

Two days Hunger strike on 16th and

17th March, 2017 at BSNL HQs and Circle HQs:

Union cabinet decided to implement standard pay scales in all CPSUs. DPE issued guidelines and clarification strictly directing all the CPSUs and Administrative Ministries on 26.11.2008, 02.04.2009 and 24.12.2012 to implement standard pay scales. DPE further directed BSNL and DoT on 09.07.2014 to implement standard pay scales only.

BSNL recommended standard pay scales on 06.06.2016, 9 months back. Again BSNL gave a presentation to DoT on 10.02.2017 to approve E2 and E3 scales only without cascading effect, with the approval of MC as it will address DoT concern.

Some negative forces in DoT are decided to demote the cadres to E1 and E2 scales or to extend on E1A and E2A instead of E2 and E3. DoT will be taking a decision on BSNL proposal based on the suggestion of the few negative officers in DoT shortly.

It is the time for all the BSNL Executives to mount pressure on DoT and BSNL Management to approve standard pay scales of E2 and E3 only. It is a do or die situation for BSNL Executives.

Be United, come out and join the struggle from 16thMarch onwards for approving the standard pay scales of E2 and E3, for getting E2 scale instead of E1, for addressing the pay loss and for the recognition and status of the JTO/JAO/SDE/AO equivalent cadres.


March to Raj Bhawan / Collectorate / DM Office on 9th March, 2017 by all Unions and Associations -- Make extensive preparations:


a) Opposing Niti Ayogs proposal for Closure and transfer of BSNL assets to State Govts.

b) Opposing formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

c) Demanding allotment of 4G spectrum, free of cost, to BSNL.

d) Opposing favours being extended to Reliance Jio.

View Copy of the Memorandum (In Word format)


In this regard the meeting at CGMT office Bangalore was held on 7th March 2017 at BSNLEU Office and all the Circle Secretaries decided to make the programme a great success. For detailed information click here. Co-ordinate at SSA level and make the programme a great success


Circle Conference News:

Today Circle conference dates are finalised by the Host SSA comrades and the schedule will be as follows.


Pre-CEC Meeting on 26-05-2017

Circle Conference on 27th and 28th May 2017



( Please note the change in dates published in watsup)


Notice for the conference will be issued shortly.

All the District Secretaries are requested to kindly remit the conference donation at the rate of Rs.500 per member to be collected and credited to the Circle Treasurer immediately; latest by 15th March 2017


CS Com S B Nagavi and JSS Com Pandurang Nayak met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju on 22-02-2017 and discussed various issues regarding development and mainly on the BB NOC related issues and took up the matter of Server Failures and prolonged interruptions very seriously. CS emphasized the need of this importance in the background of Reliance JIO services where subscribers have started doubting the present failures as the indirect support of BSNL to private operators and employees and executives in the field are embarrassed by the direct attack of subscribers. The present crisis is causing serious dent in the goodwill of BSNL, existing in the common citizen of India. CGM informed that he is in constant touch with NOC authorities and will do his all out efforts for early restoration.



Protest at NOC Bangalore:

CS in discussion with GM BB NOC Bangalore


Comrades of BGTD under the leadership of Com Jayaprakash Javali, assembled at NOC Bangalore on 221st Feb 2017 and conducted lunch hour protest demonstration. All the Branch secretaries and active members of BGTD have also attended the event. CS Com S B Nagavi, JSS Com Pandurang Nayak, ACS Com M H Gombi, CVP Com Balakrishna Aithal, DS Circle Office Com Sadanand Makkannavar, CEC Member Com Tata Babu have also joined in the protest. All leaders have shared their views on the adverse impact being resulted on the company and strongly condemned the lack of seriousness of BSNL management in resolving the issues to ultimately achieve a robust working of the NOC. The failures have become routine and the frequency of failure has increased and now the duration of the failure has been to days and weeks. This attitude of the GM NOC and CGM BB services needs to be thoroughly investigated into and proper uninterrupted service need to be ensured to save BSNL. For glimpses of protest click here…

Formal meeting with PGM BGTD:

The formal meeting on the agenda points of DS BGTD was held on 21st Feb 2017. In addition to office bearers of BGTD Com S B Nagavi CS and Pandurang Nayak JSS have also attended the meeting. The meeting was held in a cordial manner and the issues raised by SNEA were accepted and action accordingly will be taken. Minutes are likely to be issued shortly. For glimpses click here..

CS visits Shimoga on 20th Feb 2017 for finalizing the Function Hall and dates of Circle Conference:

The District body also arranged emergency meeting of SNEA Shgimoga and felicitated Com S B Nagavi CS and com Pandurang Nayak JSS on the eve of Victory in the Executive Membership Verification held in December 2016. The District Body also decided to hold the Circle Conference tentatively on 6th and 7th May 2017. For the Glimpses of meeting Click here..




CS Com S B Nagavi along with the CWC Members Comrades Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD, Somanath Jagadale DS Hubli, Ganapathi Samaga DS DKTD,  R G Kulkarni (Belgaum), Munishekar (Kolar), JSS CHQ Com Pandurang Nayak  have attended the CENTRAL WORKING COMMITTEE HYDERaBAD from 13th Feb to 16th Feb and actively participated.  Com Tata Babu (BGTD), Com Satishkumar (Chickmaglur) who were in Hyderabad have also spared their time to witness the proceedings. Issues relating to Karnataka were effectively represented by the team of Karnataka in addition to participating in all policy issues. For the outstanding performance of Com Tata Babu, in the EMV campaign, he was asked to share his experiences in the meeting. Com GS and CHQ President have greeted all CSs with flowers for the victory. For the glimpses of the CWC and Victory Celebrations click here...


As has been pursued by SNEA from the beginning to consider maximum transfers from the first batch of trainees, the transfer orders for 24 JTOs issued today and particularly making the substitutes also. Congratulations to the JTOs who have got transfer. For orders click here..


Minutes of the Formal Meeting released by CGMT Karnataka today. For minutes click here. We are thankful to CGMT Shri P Nagaraju in this regard especially approving 74 Rule 8 transfers.

Formal Meeting with CGMT Karnataka:


The formal meeting scheduled with CGMT Karnataka circle, was held on 1st Feb 2017. The meeting was attended by Com Pandurang Nayak JSS (CHQ), Com S B Nagavi CS, Com Savita Circle VP, Com Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD, Com S P Jagadale DS Hubli /CWC member, Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO, Com Munishekar CWC Member from SNEA. Com Giridhar EC member from Mobile Branch and Com Tata Babu CEC member BGTD have also attended as the invitees. Respected Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka Chaired the meeting along with the official side represented by Shri Raghava Kumar Sr GM Nobiles ( Promoted as CGMT STP Chennai) , Shri Surendar Shenoy PGM Mktg, Smt Sumam Pillai Sr GM Finance, Shri Janardhan Rao Sr GM New Services, Shri Ashok Agarwal GM Admn and HR, Shri M V Angadi DGM HR, Shri Swaminathan DE HR, Shri Puranik DE Welfare, Shri Balasubramaniyam DE IT and Shri Pattar SDE Welfare.

CGMT Congratulated the CS and SNEA team for being emerged as the majority association at Circle and All India level and sought the co-operation of SNEA in all the works of the company to achieve maximum revenue this year also. CS in his introductory speech thanked CGMT for the prompt action in holding the meeting as requested by us in the urgent need of resolution some pressing issues. On behalf of SNEA Karnataka CS assured of our full co-operation in the works of the company.

All the agenda points of SNEA were discussed in a cordial manner and most of the issues were resolved even before the meeting also. On the agenda points administration assured to supply the minutes copy shortly.

A detailed discussion was held on the issue of Rule 8 and administration appraised the issue of shortage of JTOs and the issue of 46 JTOs going to be retired though we are getting about 84 new JTOs (under training) and expressed the difficulties in the consideration of the Rule 8 transfers. SNEA presented the strength of the young JTOs who were instrumental in bringing the circle to profit level last year. They have left their native places/States and have been working away from their parents, spouze keeping the hope that once new substitutes  becoming available, they will get their chance of joining spouse and parents. In view of keeping this motivation alive in the minds of these youngsters and also as they have completed more than 6 to 10 years of  service in our circle it is not fair on our part to make them to further wait. This will highly demotivate them. After detailed deliberations,  CGMT was kind enough to approve the consideration of 74 Rule 8 cases, i.e. upto WL 74., and the same was also agreed and accepted by SNEA, taking into consideration of all aspects both on management side as well as the interest of our JTOs. In addition to the above it was further agreed to consider all the possible intra circle transfers also.

We are very much thankful to Respected Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka, Shri Ashok Agarwal GM Admn and HR, Shri M V Angadi DGM HR, Shri Swaminathan DE HR and all others for considering the rule 8 transfers and for agreeing on all other points raised by SNEA.We also thank the welfare section for the nice arrangement of the meeting.

SNEA was instrumental in getting 64 Rule 8 transfers considered last year and now 74 cases this year. We will continue our efforts in the future also.

CGMT has almost agreed on all the points we have raised and the details will be published shortly on other issues.

For the Glimpses of Meeting Click here....

For meeting letter click here...

Meeting of CS with CGMT Karnataka:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with DS Hubli Com Somanath Jagadale and DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar met Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka circle yesterday and discussed on the important and pressing urgent issues. SNEA has registered its strong protest on the attitude of circle administration towards the decisions taken unilaterally but with lot of mistakes in addressing the issues of intra circle and Rule 8 transfers of JTOs and the willful denial of administration to take into the requests and suggestions tried to be given by SNEA to ensure more cases of requests considered before taking a final decision. CS pointed out glaring errors in the unilateral decisions taken by the administration  which was noticed by us after seeing the orders. The present attitude of the administration is lacking  prudent thinking, violates  rules and procedures and defeating the due natural justice to the honest JTOs who have obeyed the orders of transfers in earlier years and now waiting for their due and justified orders in the form of intra circle/rule 8 transfers. We have in detail  explained  CGM,  all the violations occurred in the present stand taken by the administration. We have also appraised CGM that so far no formal meeting  was given on the agenda and assuring to give us the meeting, simultaneously  decision being taken thereon is creating unrest in the minds of the stake holders in these issues. SNEA made it clear that approach of administration is against the intent of EMV rules 2014. After detailed discussion, CGM understood of the adverse impacts of the administrative stand and assured to reconcile the same, also assuring to hold the meeting next week at least  on the issues raised by us today. We have also discussed on the issues of the request transfer of DEs and DGMs who also have obeyed the orders of administration and joined at different places in Karnataka circle even after serving at other circles last year and earlier, to meet the administrative exigencies. CGM assured to look into all these cases. CS brought to the notice of the administration clause 7 of the notification issued in the recognition of the executive association by BSNL CO as per EMV rules 2014 and to take cognizance of the same in its true spirit in interacting with the executive associations to ultimately achieve the goal of the recently concluded EMV.


Resolution of Request transfer WL issue by CGMT Karnataka: The arbitrary order to stop the transfer request registration is finally withdrawn by Circle Administration with a modification. Reply given to CS SNEA in this regard. For reply click here..<<1>><<2>>. Before we withdraw the LHD we will further discuss with GM as assurred by CGM.

The rule 8 and request transfers of non-recruiting circles are updated in the circle intranet. We are thankful to AGM, DGM and other officers for the positive action.

CS also met CGMT Karnataka circle and discussed on the issues of Rule 8 and request transfers urgently. CGM informed that he will instruct GM to discuss on urgent points.


CS writes to CGMT Karnataka on the issues of RTTC Mysore and posting of JTOs selected for RTTC. For letter click here.

CS writes to CGM STR Chennai for agenda meeting. For letter click here.

CS writes to GM Admn and HR O/o CGMT Ktk and gives notice of organisationasl action on the willful non action for transfers of non recruiting circles. For notice click here.


CS along with Com Giridhar and Com Tukaram met CGMT Shri P Nagaraju and handed over the new 2017 Diaries to CGM.

Distribution of Diaries at Circle Office.

The Diaries will be distributed at Circle Office on Friday the 6th Jan 2017.


CS Nagavi S B along with Com Tata Babu, CEC member yesterday met DGM Shri M V Angadi, and discussed various issues relating to updating of Waiting List of JTOs request transfers, (1) the anomalies still existing particularly the incoming request transfers of STR JTOs requesting Karnataka Telecom circle even after the applications being forwarded by the CGMT STR Chennai, (2) the serious anomalies created in the Looking After orders issued by the management, (3) sending of JTOs for Phase II training as still huge number of JTOs are waiting for the training and (4) TBU of PA/PS of BGTD. DGM assured to look into the cases raised by us and informed us that the PA/PS TBU will be issued shortly in respect of BGTD as the minutes are ready and will be approved shortly.


CS submits Agenda to CGMT Karnataka Circle for the discussion on various issues including the Rule 8 and intra Circle transfers. For Agenda Click here..


CS along with CVP, COS, DS CO and other active comrades met CGMT and other PGMs and Sr GM Mobile and yesterday wished them on the eve of new years day.








2017 Diary Released by Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, CGMT in charge on 25th Dec 2017.


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CS delivered Diary 2017 to Shri Mohan DGM Chickmaglur


  CS and DS BGTD met Director CFA Shri N K Gupta on his visit to Bangalore.      





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